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Places You Must Visit in Hoboken, NJ

Hoboken is often called the “Square Mile City” and this is because at just one square mile, Hoboken packs a lot of punch. Located right across the Hudson River from New York City, Hoboken is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. There are so many things to do in Hoboken, from visiting the Hoboken Historical Museum to enjoying a delicious pastry at Carlo’s Bakery. If you’re looking for a fun day out in NJ, be sure to check out these five places!

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1. Hoboken Historical Museum

The Hoboken Historical Museum is a great place to explore and learn about Hoboken’s rich history. Founded in 1986 the Hoboken Historical Museum offers a variety of educational and entertaining programs, including lectures, film screenings, workshops and more. This makes it one of the most visited locations in Hoboken. From the Native Americans who lived here before European settlers arrived, to Hoboken’s industrial heyday of the 19th and 20th centuries, you can learn about Hoboken’s past.

2. Carlo’s Bakery

Carlo’s Bakery is a Hoboken institution. This bakery has been open since 1912 and has served up delicious pastries to Hoboken residents and visitors ever since. It was even featured on the TLC series “Cake Boss”. With an ever-growing selection of baked goods, Carlo’s is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. Whether you’re looking for a classic Italian pastry or something more modern and exotic, Carlo’s Bakery has it all. Stop in for some of the best cannoli, cookies, and cakes around!

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3. Lackawanna Hoboken Terminal

The Lackawanna Railroad Terminal in Hoboken is a must-visit for anyone looking to explore the history of the city. This terminal is a historic landmark that was built in 1907 and is one of Hoboken’s most iconic structures. This landmark offers a unique experience for tourists and locals alike, as you can take a boat ride across the Hudson River and get up close to Hoboken’s famous train station. The Lackawanna Terminal has been for more than a century an important hub for transportation in and out of Hoboken. So if you’re ever in Hoboken, make sure to add this landmark to your list of must-visit attractions. Be sure to take some time to walk around the area and admire this grand building!

4. Pier 13

Pier 13 is Hoboken’s outdoor oasis. The pier features picnic areas, playgrounds, bars, and restaurants. It’s a great spot to spend an afternoon with friends or family. More importantly, when the weather is nice and as summer approaches, the pier is turned into a “Seasonal open-air waterfront beer garden featuring food trucks, water sports & entertainment.”

Hoboken Pier 13

5. Waterfront Parks (Pier A & C)

If you’re looking for a more serene setting, check out Pier A Park and Pier C Park, right next door. These parks have beautiful views of Hoboken and the Manhattan skyline, as well as plenty of spaces to relax and take in the scenery. The unique space of Pier C floats on the Hudson, making it quite a unique and special experience. Come and find out for yourself why the best views of NYC are actually not from within.

Waterfront views of NYC from the Hoboken Pier

Hoboken is a great place to explore, with so much history and culture just waiting to be explored. Be sure to check out Hoboken’s five most visited places next time you’re in town! And if you are thinking about moving to this beautiful city, feel free to contact us and we would be glad to help on your home search!

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