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Things to look for in a Neighborhood When Buying a Home

Home buying can be an exciting yet stressful experience. Either you are someone who has already started looking for a home or about to start your home search, one of the first things you need to worry about is the neighborhoods in which you want to live. 

Each neighborhood has its own unique features that cater to the needs of different home buyers. The decision-making process can become DRAMATIC. If you are not quite sure on where to start, check out these, expert recommended things, to look for in a neighborhood:

Noise Level in The Neighborhood

You can browse all the pictures and videos on the internet for your new neighborhood, but one thing you won’t find on there is the noise levels in the area. If you have visited the neighborhood in the morning, you wouldn’t know if a restaurant down the street turns into a club at 2PM! Ideally, the best way to know for sure is to visit the new neighborhood at different times of the day: you may compare the differences over weekends and business days, as well as the gaps between days and nights. Make sure to pause for a moment to observe the noise levels. Can you hear the noise of trains passing by? Can you hear neighbors blasting music? Or Do you hear the noise of vehicles passing by?

Curb Parking Availability

If you are looking to move in a big city like New York or Jersey City, you wanna make sure there’s enough curb parking spaces available in the neighborhood; that is, if you drive! 

It is never worthwhile to ruin our lovely days while commuting. Parking anxiety, heavy traffic, and other unwanted cases as commuters can easily dramatize our daily life. Therefore, besides the neighborhood itself, every buyer should imagine their role as commuters when living in the area. How far are the grocery stores from your targeted new home? How long may it take you to get to the office? Can you handle the trip easily every single day and possibly even enjoy it? Such questions are also necessary for home buyers like you to consider.

School District

Children are the gifts for those couples committing to the eternal promise so that parents will devote themselves to cultivating the young angels. From this perspective, when the new home is located in a good school district, it will benefit you as a buyer from two major aspects. Unfortunately, as everyone has his or her unique understanding in terms of a good school district, our suggestions given can be subjective. However, do not sweat; offers our lovely clients an objective and comprehensive guide to find an ideal K-12 school no matter where they plan to settle.

Nearby Places for Fun

People desire a work-life-balanced life. In order to find the perfect home, we must first have a better understanding of the community around it. You may navigate nearby recreational facilities, gyms, types of restaurants that pander to your stomach, and other places appealing to you by using social media to construct your first impression. Then, talk to people living there for further exploration. Besides your own interests, you can also have conversations with those whom you love, to find out their needs regarding relocation. The task is one of the foundations that guarantee your life quality when settling there.  

Safety & First Responders

We all desire a life where we can freely go for a walk anytime and anywhere when moving into a new neighborhood. The best way to get away from crimes and other types of emergencies is to prepare enough, and the ease of finding first responders will always build our strong confidence in dealing with those issues. It is almost impossible to find a crime-free area, but we can always research to figure out if the area is safe enough when compared to the national or city average and its adjacent neighborhoods. In the meantime, we may need to ensure that medical services, police departments, and fire stations are close enough when determining if we should live there to prevent tragedies caused by the inconvenience that those first responders are far away from the building.


Like many other decision-making processes, moving to a new neighborhood is never an easy task to do. However, as long as we eventually find a compromise between heart and mind, the result is very likely to end up satisfyingly. Besides offering you constructive suggestions, you are immesering into a process to know the area better, generating new relationships and unveiling the truth of whether or not you will fit into this new community. Unfortunately, when living in a world which emphasizes the importance of efficiency, most of us barely have the time to thoroughly go through the process, and that’s where Trompeter Real Estate can help.

We are a fun, dynamic, lifestyle-driven brokerage that’s committed to offering personalized service of the highest caliber. We promise to treat you like family every step of the way, and our agents are always here to answer your questions. Get in touch whenever you’re ready to buy or sell on New Jersey’s Gold Coast!

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