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Top 10 Places to Visit in Jersey City’s Indian Square

While the Big Apple has no shortage of Indian restaurants, many Indian people find Jersey City’s Indian restaurants to be more authentic in terms of taste, services and the aesthetics. You may ask why is that? Well, for starters Jersey City has the largest proportion of Asian-Indians in the country. 

Indian food is as diverse as the city of Jersey City itself. This expansive country has many variations of popular cuisines spanning from north to south with flavorful dishes defining each region. Thankfully, Jersey City has plenty of options to choose from on the very own Indian Street of Journal Square. 

With so many choices, we narrowed it down to the best 10 Indian restaurants to help you find your new favorite spot.


Rasoi is highly recommended by locals and Indian food-lovers everywhere. Mainly because of its affordability and even greater taste. Check out their lunch buffet, vegetarian and non-vegetarian plates and authentic Indian flavors. 


If you are an egg lover, you must try Eggmania’s Indian-style egg menu which includes Egg curry, egg sandwiches, and more. They also have multiple locations across the country and are recommended by food lovers all over the world. Its a fund and healthy take on traditional Indian cuisine. 


Chaska is a cozy and ambient Indian restaurant that’s also located in Journal Square. Similar to its neighboring eateries, it features a popular lunch buffet and authentic, fine Indian cuisine. Make sure to order a plate of the chili mushrooms and vindaloo, while you’re here, apparently its fan favorite and our personal favorite! 

Deccan Spice 

Deccan Spice will offer you a wide variety of Indian Food especially from the southern part of the Indian region of Deccan plateau. It comes with a high recommendation from local Indian Food Lovers 

Dosa Hut 

A dosa is a thin pancake originating from South India, made from a fermented batter predominantly consisting of lentils and rice. Dosa Hut is a Dosa lover’s paradise with their 50+ variety of Dosa flavors. It is highly recommended by the local Indian Food lovers.  


Honest is a very well known Paav Bhaji and Indian Fast Food chain across the world. If you want to try some amazing Indian Fast Food, Honest is the place for you! 


Mithaas is the first restaurant in New Jersey to transform traditional Indian fast food into a modern dining experience. We serve the most authentic Street Food, Chaat, North & South Indian delicacies, traditional Indian Mithai, and Desserts. All our dishes and sweets are made from the finest ingredients right here in our kitchens. We ship Mithai all over the country.

Bawarchi Biryani Corner

Known for their wide range of biryani options with some vegan and vegetarian biryani options! If you don’t know, biryani is a traditional Indian dish made with rice, meat vegetables and spices in layers.  

Biryani Pot 

​​Biryani Pot is known for their fresh ingredients and for serving Indian food with a modern flair. Order their signature dish, a biryani, which is a spiced rice dish with a selection of meats, plus egg, yogurt and dried fruits. Biryani Pot also happens to be a Hyberabadi-Indian-chain restaurant but thanks to its fresh and well-cooked food, you’d never even know.


If there’s one thing about Vatan that you can’t miss it’s the large storefront sign with two trumpeting elephants. On the inside, they have traditional floor seats, primarily northern Indian dishes and a section of the menu featuring Indo-Chinese delicacies

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